QP Testing

QP Testing & Conmitto Software Partnership

Conmitto, Inc. and QP Testing LLC have partnered to offer a modern, flexible Asset, Personnel, PM and Vendor Order system called Conmitto Manager. Conmitto Manager is unique as it takes data from various existing ERP systems as well as sensors, and allows for more flexible interfaces, with dynamic reports and notifications, to be available across a modern maintenance team’s devices.

The optimal clients for this platform include mid to large size heavy manufacturers, food manufacturers, logistics providers, and energy producers. Conmitto Manager offers a flexible, useful system for an entire organization to make sense of IIoT and other operational data to uncover trends on equipment and human performance, especially in business-critical assets. The collecting, tracking, and analysis of this valuable trove of data is the primary focus of most Industry 4.0 transformations.

To get started, Conmitto connects with relevant Operations and Maintenance leaders to identify key platform goals and to begin the Onboarding process. Conmitto Manager is incredibly extensible and in this Onboarding process, there is the ability to add customizations to an organization’s version of the platform. After an organization has completed Onboarding, the Conmitto support team assists in distributing licenses and providing setup support.

QP-Testing LLC is a leading electrical repair/rebuilding, testing, preventative maintenance, and engineering firm based in Hammond, IN. QP-Testing is also part of the QuadPlus international family of companies.

Conmitto, Inc. is an industrial software firm offering flexible cloud-based software for the manufacturing, logistics, and power industries based in Chicago, IL. Conmitto is backed or advised by leading industrial technologists and academics.


Zentel Tech Optimizes Rare Book Storage HVAC

Zentel Tech was contacted by the director of commissioning for a world renown institution to investigate issues with the HVAC in their rare book storage.  Zentel Tech reviewed all of the information and equipment. The initial complaint was that the heat was being carried over to the supply air from the desiccant regeneration system causing the temperature to rise in the rare book storage.  A secondary issue was the motor for the desiccant wheel failed due to the motor leads overheating.   

Zentel Tech proposed a review of the air system performance to evaluate the overall system conditions.  During the investigation it was determined that there was insufficient return air from the book storage area that limited the units performance.  It was also determined that the insufficient return airflow created excessive pressure differential between the supply air and the return air causing the air to by-pass the desiccant wheel causing excessive temperature condition for the desiccant motor and increased supply air temperature.

This situation is typical in a lot of mechanical systems.  Very simple problems appear complex until the root cause can be discovered and corrected.  Zentel Tech has the expertise from our critical environments work to efficiently diagnose and repair the issues that keep your system from optimal performance.

Chi Water

QP Testing Adds Seven New Synchronous Motor Field Application Systems at The Chicago Water Departments South Water Purification Plant

QP Testing has completed their installation portion of the 45 million dollar Electrical Distribution revamp of The City of Chicago’s South Water Purification Plant. This first phase of the project was to install 9 new PCP’s (Pump Control Panels), for 7 synchronous and 2 induction motors. These panels completely changed how the motors were started from the existing systems installed in the late 1940’s. The installation team consisted of MG Electric (general contractor), QP Testing (provided 7 Synchronous Motor Field Applications Systems), Siemens Industry, Inc. Switchgear Division (supplied new Switchgear and motor starters), and Allen ICS (Supplied SCADA equipment and programming). One of the challenges was that the Plant could not be shut down to accomplish this retrofit. We were given one pump system every 6 weeks to complete the transformation. The motors ranged from 350hp to 1000hp at 2300vac. During the design phase of the project QP Testing and the supplier of the synchronous equipment Kinetics (Trenton, NJ) were able to engineer a package that had the range in field currents so that one system could do all 7 motors, which only required a small amount of tuning at start up. The customer was very happy with this, since the spare parts were all interchangeable. The success of this start up gained QP Testing the ability to quote and win the next project at The City of Chicago’s Jardine Water Purification Plant. We will be supplying a total of 8 new Synchronous Motor Field Application Systems following the same design criteria as done on the South Water Plant project.

Installation of a Toroidal Plasma Device Known as HIDRA

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Center for Plasma-Material Interactions (CPMI) looked to QP Testing Senior Engineer Kent Wegley for expertise in safely installing a toroidal plasma device known as HIDRA. Combining capabilities of a tokamak and a stellarator, HIDRA provides scientists a valuable and unique testbed for plasma/fusion experimental research, the type of science that could one day lead to viable energy production from fusion reactors. HIDRA was transported from its original home at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) in Germany in 2014 and is now safely running at CPMI. More information about HIDRA can be found here.