Power Stuides and Arc Flash

QP Testing staffs professional engineers that can provide power system studies that can ensure your plant's OSHA certification, as well as analysis on your equipment. QP Testing includes standard and specialized power system studies, plus pre-installation and post-installation power quality audits to precisely target and help correct power issues. These studies will help optimize your power systems performance and improve safety. Receive unparalleled support with Power System design & Power System unit programming.

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QP Testing provides substation and power distribution system design. This includes load analysis, system layout and calculations and specifications for cables, conduits, transformers, protective devices, panels and switchgear. Our engineering staff is here to help you provide safe working conditions. We have experts that provide Engineering Studies, Arc Flash Training for Personnel, Short Circuit Studies, Coordination Studies, Harmonic Analysis, Power Factor Correction Studies, Transient Motor Starting Analysis and Ground Grid Analysis.

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Arc Flash Studies

The best reason for increased awareness and understanding of arc flash hazards is to prevent injuries. Statistics presented from a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health study showed that during the period from 1992 through 2001, there were 44,363 electrical-related injuries involving days away from work. The number of nonfatal electrical shock injuries was 27,262, while 17,101 injuries were caused by electric arc flash burns.

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