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QP Testing offers field electrical system testing, switchgear maintenance, and circuit breaker rebuilds throughout the Midwest. With an average of more than 25 years of experience, we help our customers save money and extend the life of the electrical equipment through preventative maintenance and restoration.

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Areas of Expertise

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Circuit Breaker Repair & Recondition

With an average of over 25 years of combined circuit breaker knowledge and experience, our nuclear certified technicians repair and recondition circuit breakers of all manufacturers and types.

Electrical Testing Services

Our Field Engineers each have over 40 years of experience testing switchgear for our customers. We provide primary injection & secondary injection testing of their circuit breakers, transformer testing, relay calibration, & cable testing at our customers’ site.

Preventative Maintenance & Outage Services

There is nothing more important than performing preventative maintenance on your facility’s electrical equipment. Annual outages and shutdowns are necessary to preserve and extend the life of your equipment. We help extend the life of our customers’ switchgear by testing, cleaning, & operating their equipment in these critical shutdowns.

Our Mission

To extend the life of electrical equipment through routine maintenance, testing, and restoration.

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Breaker Repair and Servicing

QP Testing is the first and only PEARL Certified circuit breaker repair & recondition facility in the Chicagoland area. Our expertise includes breakers of every make and model, and ranges from circuit breakers in excess of 80 years, all the way up to the current breakers installed today. We have certified nuclear circuit breaker technicians that have worked with some of the largest utilities and nuclear power plants in the country for the past 40 years. Whether your circuit breakers need a test and inspection, or a full recondition, our team will provide you with the highest level of service and satisfaction in the market. Learn More

Electrical Testing & Preventative Maintenance Outage Services

QP testing provides engineering, field service and testing services to power distribution equipment including transformers, protective relays, switchgear, capacitor banks, battery systems and power distribution circuit breakers. Our field technical staff will perform maintenance or acceptance testing per NETA standards on electrical equipment. Our preventative maintenance and electrical testing services extend the life of vital equipment and support the significant capital investment you’ve made in your equipment. Receive unparalleled support on your electrical power and distribution system. Learn More

Engineering & Arc Flash Studies

QP Testing staffs professional engineers that can provide power system studies that can insure your plant’s OSHA certification, as well as analysis on your equipment. QP Testing includes standard and specialized power system studies, plus pre-installation and post-installation power quality audits to precisely target and help correct power issues. These studies will help optimize your power systems performance and improve safety. Receive unparalleled support with Power System design & Power System unit programming. Learn More


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